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Backflow Intelligence recognizes the importance of any backflow preventer problem that may occur.

That is why we have in stock most of the backflow devices and parts that we service and test, which is usually in the truck with the certified tester or installer. This in turn is cost-saving to the client ensuring no extra time or money is wasted on trying to source our parts.


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Backflow Intelligence Company Profile

Backflow Intelligence is Toronto’s leading and most trusted backflow preventer testing company. We have been performing backflow tests, repairs, and installations throughout the GTA and surrounding areas in Ontario since 2001. Our primary goal is that we are committed to protecting your drinking water by keeping it clean, safe and ready to drink for all the residents of the City of Toronto.

One Common Goal: Protecting Your Drinking Water

While any plumber can go to school to become a certified backflow tester, it is uncertain how often he will apply and perfect his knowledge of backflow preventers. There are many plumbing companies in Toronto that test backflow preventers as part of one of the services they offer. However, these plumbers usually feel more comfortable carrying out routine plumbing tasks, rather than exclusively specializing in testing, installing and repairing backflow preventers. inspecting a backflow device As a result, when your backflow preventer is not functioning properly and needs to be repaired, the general plumber acting as a backflow tester may not have the skill or experience to fix the problem with your backflow preventer.

This will never be the case with Backflow Intelligence. Every time you schedule your backflow test and certification with Backflow Intelligence, your inspection will be carried out by a fully licensed backflow inspector that only tests, certifies, and repairs backflow preventers, and nothing else. Backflow testing is our specialty, and It is the only service we offer. This allows us to stay up to date in the latest developments in backflow prevention, enabling us to provide you with the best possible backflow testing service in the Greater Toronto area.

Your Health and Saftey is our Number One Priority.

Your safety is at stake. When your backflow preventer is not working properly, your drinking water is at risk to a host of many dangerous toxins. This puts your health and safety at stake, and endangers your family as well as well as your entire community if your backflow preventers are not properly maintained and in working order. This is why it is so important to allow Backflow Intelligence to test and repair your backflow preventers, as we are simply the best at what we do, removing any uncertainty and leaving you in complete confidence that you hired the right company to do the job.

Free Annual Backflow Test Inspection Reminders

As a home owner, property manager, or business owner, you encounter many important issues on a daily basis. As a result, it can be difficult to remember to schedule your annual backflow preventer inspection test. For this reason alone, Backflow Intelligence notifies you each year 30 days prior to your backflow inspection and certification due date. We would never want to see you fall victim of a citation during a surprise inspection by your local municipality in Ontario, and therefore do our best to help remind you to schedule your certification ensuring your business never loses any down time.

This is why we keep electronic copies of your past backflow inspections on your behalf, in the event you misplace your paper copy and need proof of your backflow preventer certification. Leave the small details to us, and remain rest assured that you are in hands of the most trusted professionals, experts, and specialists in the industry. This is why we call ourselves Backflow Intelligence To schedule your annual backflow preventer test, or to book a backflow service repair or new installation, please call us today at 416.899.4476. You can also send us an email requesting service in the Greater Toronto area at info@torontobackflowtesting.com